Friday, January 23, 2015

It is Friday morning, this the 23rd of January, twenty fif-fuckin-teen

Getting the SV a bit more in shape. Busa pistons and Gen 2 intake cams. F3 rear tire. Shift light from the land speed bike(dust collecting showroom ornament). Salvage parts only. Thinking about playing with danger and using a 4s 4000mah RC lipo battery for the total loss ignition and electric start. Shorting the dog bones to raise the rear and maybe some Krylon.
If it aint for racing then what is it for?


stevegayton said...

Always cool starting a rebuild hope it goes well

Paul said...

Sweet. Play with total loss danger... just keep it topped up. When mine goes lower than 12.8v it starts to miss at higher revs.

Paul said...

13.4v is good for 4 starts on the starter and 1hour 20min revving the nads of it.