Thursday, January 8, 2015

And when I get tired of talking to them I take pictures of them

Peace, grease, and polar fleece.


footlooselizzy said...

that is a very nice looking frame . (the second picky) .
I dont wan to sound like sum old duffer but "they don't make em like that any more."
they think that if you cover it in plastic you can make every thing underneath MINGIN cus ooo the fuck is gunna see it?
Oily Rob (on his birds computer )

footlooselizzy said...

sorry i just noticed the centre stand. I TASKE IT ALL BACK. centre stands are for old geezas with bewares and Sandels . I Know you often sport a beard but i imagine that you don't where sandals at the same time ( epecially with nice diamond design socks) if you do SHAME ON YOU.
me again

footlooselizzy said...

Beards not "BEWARES"
fuckin spellcheck

747 said...

I find this all very amusing Rob. I very much agree with you on all you said accept my jesus styled open toed foot wear. ( it is not my fault i was conceived in a tee pee) Long story short I had to dismantle a perfectly good bandit 1200 and chuck that purdy frame in the dumpster bin, center stand and all. Heart braking. Some customers... But on the bright side I have a nice set of under carriage for a future project and hopefully some beer money for the big lump of a power plant.