Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Why racing

What exactly is it that captivates some to give anything just to go racing?
It has got to be more than just the adrenaline. Good stuff it is. But what else is bouncing them crazy receptacles in our brain. What is this crazy addiction? Why do so many former racing "buddies" I know get hooked on pain pills and turn life into a stinky coil of shit!
This thrill or high I, and I am sure many of you know, is so primitive and beautiful. Simple. Pure. Dare I say healthy. I feel healthy after a race. True hospital beds always await, but who wants to live with fear? Not us! Not the ones who know what a waiving checkered flag means.
Life is racing.
Life is facing.
Fuck you inner demon. Fuck you naysayer.  With a will is a way.  Excuses are ass holes. Actions speak. What I am really trying to say is:
Good fuckingodamnsumbitch it feels good to race motorcycles.

When passion is plenty full, Money is scarce, Larry logic speaks a loud voice. This is why I put my faith in racing. The ways of using what I have to accomplish what I have. From racing I have learned to keep the straight and narrow path. I can make my own money with my own shop, race bikes I built. Even win the lady of my dreams. And buy our house a new washing machine.

When I was 9 or 10 years old, my Mom bought me an old honda 80 two stoke. I spent the first few weeks trying to get it started. It ran fine but I did not know how to start a bike. Neither did she. After learning to get around the driveway on the pipey fuck. My Mom insisted I race at the local motocross. I was so scared I cried and begged her to not take me. A scaredy little shit I was. But That first race I got a trophy.  For 3rd. I liked that trophy a lot. I still like it.
Thanks Mom.
Thanks to 3rd place trophies. (Even if the class has 3 riders)
Racing is learning how to live. Loving how you live. Sharing it with others is icing on the cake.
It is neat shit.
Is any one still reading this?
What is a blog any hoo?


TMK said...

Awesome post mate.

Garrett302 said...

Well said!

Paul Baleta said...

Amen Dood!

OILY RAG said...

I was wondering why i was so restless to get sweaty and knackerd, nearly getting a 2nd just to fall off then have my Mrs lift my leg onto the clutch just so i can drive the car home.
Addictive stupiddity.

Anonymous said...

Well said my friend! You are not only good at racing (witch I noticed the first time I saw you ride) but good with words too.

Anthony Brown said...

Wot you said Newbold all of the above is true.

Racing and motorcycles have taught me the disipline that keep me living right. If there was a way we could teach the untaught the world would be a better place.

Newbold your a genius.
Lets start the Newbold, Brown school. What do you say. I got some bikes that dont start that easy so we have the basis for lesson 1....

747 said...

I love it!

benchdonkees said...

You wear your heart on your sleeve well!!

Sideburn Magazine said...

Wow. I got out of the habit of visiting as many blogs and my new computer screwed up all my old bookmarks. I'm so glad I remembered your blog. Great stuff. G