Thursday, August 15, 2013

Kansas county fair series 2013

David Aldana was there all week. He told me so many amazing things and stories. Top class fellow and he was also very fast this year. Gary and Kelly with Light Shoe drive this bus around the whole country to flattrack races. He welded up some broken shit on my bike right before a main event for no charge. Very good people. This is flattrack racing.

I ran across my old DT1 champion. It looks like Aldana did too. The new owner Mark won a few races on it.

Ol junk yard bike got on the podium a couple times in money classes and earned plenty of trophies in amateur classes. The pretty much stock XS gets a lot of positive comments. Dave Stock let me ride his super trick Cheney XS that won the pikes peak vintage class this year and despite its shiny bits, fast as fuck motor and fresh tires, I was still quicker on my old ugly girl.


Paul Baleta said...

Nice one Dood... racing life!
Well done on the silverware too!

cosmicowboy said...

And a good Time was had by All! Tommy's Triumph Shop!

747 said...

Thanks for your help Cowboy! See you at Hays for round 5!

Cheers Paul, good luck on the Isle Of Man!!!