Thursday, August 22, 2013

Motorcycles in the 70's

 This complete set of motorcycle encyclopedias are one of the coolest gifts I have ever received. Thanks Cowboy.
 Open up the first volume to pass some time in the pits between heat races and the main only to find a bunch of David Aldana. Neat, he is parked right next door, with them slick solid aluminum wheels on his truck. He was happy to flip through the pages and give me detailed descriptions on the photos. He is a gold pot of stories from the days of his many motorcycle racing endeavors. He is a down to earth friendly fellow racer who was willing to give me tips on my riding, even watching me on the track, tips on keeping my bike functioning proper and even tips on tuning and servicing the female species. True gent. Rubber ball. Not Burrito. 
He gave me some rubber gloves to were while servicing my clutch and said that I now had to list him as a sponsor. My program is starting to get purdy god damn legit.