Thursday, January 31, 2013

Project Big Bopper complete

This barn find Schwinn is finally ready for cruising in style. Barn find, however it was my step father's (still has his name tag license plate affixed with the original bailing wire. I dug this thing out of the grandparents home ranch shed rafters about 8 years ago. I bolted on some old bent renthals, fresh white walls and a basket for Baja to ride in and rode it to work with her every day for a summer. I remember once riding Baja down the bike path and for some brilliant reason i was drinking a 40 oz in broad day light. one hand on the bars as i went to get around a family on foot, with Baja's extra weight in the basket and one hand on the beverage I waded it up. Must have looked brutal because the father of the family started screaming at me, I showed him my un-spilled 40 and told Baja to load up and away we cruised. 
Any hoo, after such derelict debauchery, lack of any bearing grease and a trip to the Minimoto SX in Vegas the bike was once again retired. After moving to Denver, I realised I need this bike. The city needs this bike. New seat, bars, pedals and some grease and lots of bearing love, a whole lot of New Departure hub puzzleing brain busting and bam. gotsa a big version on a sting ray. I is like riding a really tall and drunk horse.

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