Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Kermit the Kawasaki

Another race bike built for under $500. Lets go to the track! this is the first bike out of my new shop. Started out as a 93 KX250 motocross bike my neighbor down the road from my family ranch had. We rode together in high school, daring each other to jump over irrigation ditches and sometimes we even made it out the the local moto cross track and sometimes we even got trophies in the open beginner class. He lunched a piston and rebuilt it and never cleaned out the bottom end and ended lunching another top end. rebuilt it again and this time it hemorrhaged pieces out through the bottom of the case. it sat for a long time. We started a punk band and recorded some tapes and played some local shows. I had a different colored mohawk every time. It was fun, real fuckin fun. then we went to college. everybody started to get a little too high and fucked up on other shit so I left the band and went to motorcycle mechanic school. the kx ended up going to another one of the band members in a state of disassembled heaps. it sat for another long time. after 13 years it was offered to me. third band member to get it passed along to like a poorly rolled joint. it was given to me by the same former band member that gave me the xs650 i chopped and destroyed and recently had to sell to pay shop rent in the slow season. so long story long: I welded the cases back together like i imagine ragedy Ann's crotch may look like, spent time on ebay finding all the missing power valve parts and bits and made some of the other shit from scratch and bam! another fucking cycle I cant wait to throw a leg over and cut laps like a samurai sword/ mexican machete/ swedish fucking chainsaw. the end. ...for now.


Paul Baleta said...

NIce work dood!

747 said...

Of the 10 or 15 races bikes and countless other shit box cycles this is my first real operating kawasaki. weird.