Saturday, January 19, 2013

ice ice baby

Rainbow Falls is a beautiful place for a race track. The harry Roamers MC is the oldest club in the state and they have been putting on these races for over 40 years.

Davey Durrell's proper bare tire bike. He cut his teeth on the ice before becoming a top GNC racer and king of the hill at Pikes Peak. The little dude shreds harder than an iron wood knot.

Mike races the bare tire class on unmodified dt tires on his KX500.... Sketch balls!

This too

Big bad ass mutha fucka



Anonymous said...

Doesn't Davey and his wife ride BSA's in the non studded class? Cosmicowboy

747 said...

Yeah on the bike I took the swing arm picture of. purdy cool ol bare tire bike. it has been around for ever. Kamsie's dad built it. Davey rode ice here at rainbow falls before he rode flattrack.