Sunday, August 28, 2011

Local yocal

The local flat track last night was fun. a lot of fun. practice was a greased 3/8 banked oval slippery slidey greasy shit streak of slime. The infield tt was a mini moto track with one death slick  hairpin perfect for finding your bar stops. ( i crashed riding up to the start) i mounted my trusty ol xr650 and some how won over some really fast dudes on mx bikes. Then it was time for the 3/8 oval modiefied (open) Josh had a supermoto that had belonged to Jeff Ward. Billy had his xr650 on some capable home brew tires and a local fellow brought out a jawa speedway bike that he had not ever been on. I won on my sweet heart yamaha twin. The premier 450 class saw the track tack up to maybe the most fun track i have raced yet. after the half way point i passed for second and did everything i could to catch my pal and always fast J.W.   The white flag lap came. I went deeper than a scuba diver and harder than ron jeremy and some how pulled it off. Glory. as if that wasnt enough the speedway bike dude wanted me to do a few laps after trophie photos and i got my first seat time on a speedway. scary but fun. i want one.
more photos later maybe.
suport your local race track eh.
go racing!


cosmicowboy said...

i been lookin for one!

Paul Baleta said...

:-) Brilliant! Well done dood!

Anonymous said...

Nice. Like I have said many times You are fast, just got to go out and do it. Got a couple of small things for you probly going to send them out soon.

Sideburn Magazine said...