Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Am i dreaming?

Holy bat shit!  A flat track race in my own town?! Morgan from highland cycles organized a half time bike race at the local car speedway while i was in Euro and it was a success. more bikes signed up than cars. The owner of the track is all about it becoming its own series. my prayers to the moto gods have not gone undone.  The 27th of this month will have a a infeild TT, stock knobby and modified class plus atv/atc, you know im going to be watching some redneck on a three wheeler try and put himself in a proper wheelchair. thats not nice. but true.

Plus this weekend the Rocky Mountain Enduro circuit is coming to town. might have to ditch it to save money for the following weekends adventures in Kansas doing the fair circuit. keepin it slideways.

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