Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kick ass Kansas fair circuit.

The first track was in Colby friday night, it was banked as a mother fucker. sofa king fast. having never done a 1/2 mile before i was a bit scared.

The second race was at Norton. Rad as fuck place. won my first ever heat on the yamaha in the vintage open am.  and went on to take the big W in the main.

Sunday was an off day so drinking was in store. Tom "the cowboy" was a good fellow to pit next to. (as was everyone i met) He is the owner of the Trumpet cafe rat bike pictured above. The U.K. flat track boys hooked him up with a purdy darn cool piece of pit swag. Tim, Tom, Pete and Ben were running fast as fuck all weekend with some of americas top blue groove racers. Very impressed with them blokes. Had a good time in the pits all week. Hope to go race some more with them lads in the U.K.  Cheers!

Fellow FTW racers Andy and Twitch were great to be around on the track and in the pits. check this roll job. Thats a proper hog's leg.  Fuckin A fellas. Hope to come race out your way soon.

The only bummer about the whole circuit were the flys. shit flys everywhere suck donkey farts when your hung over and trying to get some well needed sleep. Fly strips were a nice van decoration. little fucks.
The old yamaha got me the overall in the Vintage am open and i learned how to get Betty around fast enough for second overall in the 450 am. I am now hooked on 1/2 miles. that shit was the most fun yet on a flat track for me. 5th. high. wide, and loose.


Anthony Brown said...

Sweet riding Travis!

Glad you like the bigger tracks! Tir Prince was awesome! Maybe next year eh!

stevie coles said...

love the look of the yam, sweet as!.
well done on the results too!!.

geoff said...

Right on Travis.
Good work!

cosmicowboy said...

He rode like he was on a rail! a fast rail!

Ryan Stewart said...

it's a runaway train part hurricane
18 riders mostly gone insane

Ryan Stewart said...

pick it up

747 said...

stretching out the throttle cable
fondling trophy girls when were able

Paul Baleta said...

Goddamn! Those half-miles are a gas
Twist to the stops... fast as!

Nice one dood!

cosmicowboy said...

Knoxville! Fuck!

cosmicowboy said...

You come stay at my Mommas house and we will ride some Triumphs and the go to Knoxville!