Monday, June 20, 2011

Twas the night before ppihc..

....with the anticipation of going to pikes tomorrow eating at my like a school of piranha munchin down on a black angus carcass. Mr lord Mick and I enjoyed some herbal refreshment and cut up some fresh numbers for Molly. I told him about a junk yard flower worth liberating from its weed death bed. I scoped it last week while test riding a customers bike. The roadside junk yard was more sketchy and scary than a 300lb convict with a sodomy tattoo collection but Mick was down for the late night van mission.  I said it before and ill say it again -with a van you can.

Off to the gnar race of the year bright and ugly in the mornin. May my karma be good. my throttle cables be stretched and the spirit of the eagle fly along.  BRRRAAAAP.

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Jeff Wright said...

Kill it!!!! Cheers!