Thursday, June 30, 2011


 Glenn Cox's super super duke. skateboard deck seat.
 equalibrio precario.
 I smuggled my camera in my leathers for middle section practice.

 Lone duck vintage rider. Bob "shark fin" qualified 2nd... so his buddy Kieth of big D cycles in texas drove the next day with his road race motor. had it swapped by lunch. love friends.
 Dimitri stopped by the lone duck campground for some tuning help with his famous bike and ended up staying at the racer friendly camp.

 Young nebraska boy meets moonshine for the first time. not shur if the van wrecked his head on the way down or it was just the shine. never seen a body snore, twitch, and vomit at the same time. I almost thought to call an ambulance but I was laughing to hard. He lived.
 Me and Baja took a afternoon ride to the top on the ol xr.

 Bikes of the lone duck campground
 safety wire is good.

Race day was epic. #312 Charlie Ford started racing ppihc in the 70's. Glory was had by all. I made the Podium for the third year in a row in the 450 class. Next year it is said to be all pavement, no more 5th gear dirt sliding :( but it is still one of the best imaginable tarmac courses. things change. Everyone in attendance this year was a true hero. I am already counting down to next year.

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