Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Goat stand

My good friend Goat has been telling me for years that he is going to build me a stand for my quick fill jug. I always just lean it against someones or bungy  it to a post or prop it with rocks and when i come screaming in to the pits it is easy to find because it is tipped over.  even though i own a wire feed, arc and oxy acc. I just never got around to building one. you just get used to some shit and thats that. and i will be damned if I spend another doller on the allready pricey as fuck fueling set up. any hoo, i let my buddy Steve use the jug at angel fire and upon returning from the race he said he did not have room in his van so he gave it to goat to bring home. (Goat does not even use a dry break, he pits with the good old fashioned  twist your cap off and dump gas all over your balls method)  what ever i thought. then one night last week Goat shows up with my jug and a most awesomely built stand!  rubber bumpers, folding legs, water drain holes. lego color paint. I mean this is so well built im shur a fellow could get rich selling the design. Thank you Goat. you Rule. It is so inspiring to have help from friends that i went ahead and bought a over sized tank to fit my dry break on my 650 so i can use the stand at the WEBE race next weekend. yeah 10 second pits!

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