Thursday, March 10, 2011


So a about a week or two ago my Pops out in Moab called me up all excited and told me he found a motorcylce in the colorado river near his house. it was down a 30' cliff at the end of a road. I figured it was a heap and probably their for a reason.  Then the night before last he finally got some pics sent over and i could tell right away it was an xr100 and i had to rescue it.

So i got off work early yesterday and made the 3.5 hr drive and got to moab early enough fora bit of that Utah sunshine. With a climbing rope, my dad's old toyoto truck and some elbow grease, wet feet, and blood we had it extracted in no time. 2006 crf100. Spraypaint (probably Stolen).  Spoke carnage on the rear wheel. other than that it looks in mighty fair shape.
Got home late last night as i dont get to see the old man to often. Im up early this morning so i can unload that fishing trophy from the van and give it a healthy wd-40 dousche and atf enima.


Anthony Brown said...

Oh Yeah thats mine. I meant to pick it up glad you found it for me!

747 said...

figured it might get claimed if i put it on the blog :)

I think from this day on the bike will belong to all who want to twist the grip on it. after i fix it her up she will be the village bike.

Paul Baleta said...

Cool find!