Monday, March 14, 2011

Texas. RMEC round 2

After last years race in quitaque (kitty- quay!) texas I had some high expectations. With the pits set up in down town we more than double the towns population. Fried Pickles and one dollar beers at the local pub were absent from this year, I was told the roof was leaking so bad at the pub the place was shut down. so was every other store front in town. I did not see the local race cars getting police escorts through town or get googley eyes from the local high school girls this year so needles to say the place was not an epic journey as it was last year..

..oh yeah and the race... it was more dry than a pop corn fart so dust was so bad in some tests that i had to reach a total stop just so i could regain bearing to which way was up and down. a good 100 mile plus enduro none the less. some sections had some super duper rhythmic turn sections that were more fun than fire crackers in cow pies. unfortunately my rear brake cooked to total fade a few times. but hey at least i did not pit my tuck and roll skills to test and I got to line up with and around some cool fellows.

Not shur how i placed as i loaded up and got the fuck out of town pronto in order to make the drive home through the night in order to get to work on time and spend a wonderfull joyes monday wrenching on shit coverd atvs. I bitch but I would not trade my life for another in a million years. Racing is Living. glory lasts forever and texas cooking is as tasty as it gets.
Lonestar beer and red dirt roost!
Shit you will see in the vacant Quitque store front windows. Four eyes, two mouths, and one creepy fuckin piece of veal.
Or burger... ummmm. while in texas i visited four thrift stores, three dollor stores and noticed that in texas if you are not large you are the minority. Eat up america! The bigger the beer gut the better traction control. Damn good burgers!
Yeah, those are all the pics i took.

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