Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thug life.

Super gangster nasty shredding today on the Colorado Utah state line. Sand was wetter than yo mama. single track was whooped out and fast and the trials where more fun than a well oiled midget.  I have the best bros in the world and their just aint a better way to spend a sunday than swapping out in the sand whoops. over the bars, or watching my new bike do three barrel rolls off a sandstone cliff. I bent some new protapers and all i can say is them handlbars are softer than a jelly dildo. fuck'n protaper more like blow gaper. flat spotted both my new rims on a curb sized rock. fuckn cheese dick aluminam. uhhh nnaa naaa naa naaaaaa!                   word to the throttle twisting motha fucka.

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