Thursday, April 19, 2018

project half liter skeeter eater

Believe it or not, I have put more into this bike than any other build I have done.
Customer brought a 2007 KX450F into my shop with stuck kick start. He let friends borrow it. The piston cam off with the head and the rod was in the transmission. I was about to take what you see in this picture to the scrapper when I had a light bulb go off in my head. Why not put a KX500 engine in this thing...

The most series mod was moving the font frame 'Y' up several inches to allow the two stroke header pipe to fit. I cut and re welded a CR500 pipe in several places to fit. And yes, I know I will crush this pipe....

I spent some coin on some wheels. I even went far more bling than I have ever dared with green nipples.

The pipe and water pipe fittings were tough.

Just waiting on some custom radiators and some cool guy stickers that Scott next door is doing up.  I am pretty stocked.

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