Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Hey kids, remember supermoto?!

Right after the turn of the century it was supposed to be the next big thing. It was actually pretty big here in the states for a few years before the AMA worked it's failing film flam ways of running a race series with it. Combining road racing, dirt sliding, and moto-battling; I like it a lot. I don't get to do it as much as I would like to but two years ago I did an AMA national and battled with the best in our land. (I came in near last place in the main but hey, I just having fun on my old pikes peak bike eh!) Later in 2016 I won the overall in the pro main at our local series finale race.
Any hoo, I have rebuilt my old 2005 CRFX framed 08 CRF450R engine Pikes Peak bike for a 450cc Come Back Attack on the hill. Yes, they accepted my entry this year! it must have been like swallowing a mouth of rotten earth worms for them to let me race my 10th race on the mountain in 11 years. This really may be my last race on the hill... I mean it, seriously! Well, I keep wandering off topic like a lost little puppy in the big scary city of shitty titty. Supermoto, ah yes, I went to a supremo race to test the new pikes engine build and new custom built Lectron carburetor. And it ripped. Lots of fun. I raced it to 2nd place in the asphalt class. Then, after lunch they ran the dirt supremo classes. The dust was as thick and intense as being buried in an avalanche. Having just re-welded my aluminum framed motor mounts I was not thrilled at how harshly I was bottoming out my 5" lowered suspension on both the jump landings and take-offs. As I was complaining about the thrashing my fresh pikes peak build was receiving a friendly near total stranger to me who helped build the original Ronin motorcycle project offered me his recently purchased proper supremo bike. It was a true former AMA pro bike from the glory days of American sumo. A near pristine 2004 CRF450 raced to 4th in the X games and then sat out many a day just sitting in a shed. I am always apprehensive to borrow other's rides and the law of borrowing bikes clearly states that something bad will happpen to bike when it is lent out. So the first thing I did was charge into the first corner and dump it. Luckily I absorbed most of the bike's fall with my head. It is good for something after all! I remounted and somehow won the moto. The fast guys were gentleman and gave them selves a handicap start. They would not do this in the 2 moto and I cam in 3rd. Well enough for some pay-out and a smile. I offered to bring the borrowed bike back to my shop for a little TLC and the pikes peak bike is ready to rip another trip up the hill. In the mean time I plan on testing another set of suspension on it in the next and final supremoto before June 25th, the day of the race to the clouds!
Damn, I look good!
The crash pic was found on facebook and sent to me, Wallace took the others.

I may have won the race but that helmet and suit will never be anywhere near new again.

I need to get a roost boost on

Jumping slick tires on dirt is a thrill. I dig it.

She aint no show pony. She aint no jacked up 4x4 mall crawler. She is my do-all and she makes me "Pink to Purple" every time!


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Only thing better than reading this was being there watching it!

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