Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Central Scrutinizer

Somewhere beyond the out reach of our conscious mind hide the answers. The unknown is known to hold knowledge – right? But why do we seek answers? And why do we think our questions even have answers. Everything we think could very well be a contradiction leaving no questions but only answers them selves. The known is just that: Known to exist. Our surrounding nature has provided us with a proven set of laws leaving no questions. So why then do people seek the unknown? Why create beliefs found on conceived stories and conceptualized points of view. If there is “only” life, as we know it, why do we say “only”? Us humans think on things until we go mad or forget the basic logic learned as a child. It is this very logic that holds the answers to our constant questions. -The laws of nature. The love that holds us together and the caring and sharing that has allowed a species to over in-habit a planet as gracious as ours. The joy of love and the simple pleasure of having fun is more than enough reason to lead a happy life that we should know to possess all the quality we could ever possibly live with. What we want is what we have- what we have is what we want. Anything else is only empty hope that will never support a life lived knowing that enlightenment comes from with in the reach of our mind. The answers we seek are within our own over-thought perpetuating mind. The more we seek, the less we will find. What we seek is in side of us. So be who you are to your most capable form. Simply knowing your true self will unlock the answers you seek. No god, idle, or leader can take you anywhere that your mind has not already offered. So give the thinker a break, be an answer, and be yourself. Go ride a fucking motorbike! ... or what ever it is you really want to do.