Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Enough about me, lets talk about me some more...

My name is Travis and I really like dirtbikes. Actually, I really like going fast on dirtbikes. Flattrack’s on the brink sliding. Trials hop hop boing boing. Even crotch rocket between my loin. Tarmac racing or everyday every which a way riding. I go back to my youth. When mom bought me a mx’er 80. Then straight to a Swedish satanic 6 six speed twin shock 250. I learned in a jiffy. When in doubt throttle out. Balls of a maniac are bound to sprout. So why I come back to knobblies is really no doubt. When the dirt is sticky and the forest lays a line that is tricky. Grab a gear. Lift the front and hook the rear. Feed the clutch some finger and leave some shredding roost to linger. This is my dirtbike. There are many like it but this one is mine. It is my tool toy sublime. My valentine of adrenaline sunshine. It is what I most like. My ol true, far from new. Mother fucking DIRTBIKE.
Cool artsy pictures by my most rad totally bitchin partner.

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