Monday, February 1, 2016

Sugar, spice, and all that is nice

Jonesing for some summer pretty bad. Snow is a coming down hard right now. The sofa is not lonesome for hiney. But the days are getting longer and the thaw is infiltrating the cold and wet. Shit, saturday was a beauty day at the tarmac track on the SV. Finally getting the suspension sorted and looking forward to thrashing the back sides off of the bikes that were in front of us last year. If we can just make it through a couple more months of frozen fucking water droplets mixed with sunny warm strip tease days we are sure to see good times. The quality stuff; Racing, camping, and shitting in the woods. welp, as Doc Watson said: Keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side.


Hairy Larry said...

I must say, Baja is getting pretty good at balancing miniature bike frames on her noggin...just saw at a Colorado friends FB page that she was snowed in...Calfornia mountains are at 130 percent of normal snowfall at this time of year...which means some good Spring Back-country skiing to look forward to. Hope your backs healing up...and please don't show that "peach cobbler" pic before lunch time again! just yuck! hahaha!

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