Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Open: 12-3 on Sunday. Bring an empty van and some cash.

"Let me tell the difference between personal property and a corporation: a corporation is chicken shit! If anyone tells me what to do with my personal property, they can fuck right off!" It is nice to find a place that still does business the honorable way these days. Especially when that business involves GT550 engines, RD350 tanks, Near new XS650 cranks, Red CR engines on the bottom of a shelf behind shopping carts overflowing with shocks, and stacks, piles, heaps, shelves, lofts, sumps, rafters full of what ever treasure you seek.


Hairy Larry said...

Holy crap-shit!! this place is for real, and not some Facebook pic that gets posted and re-posted? When you posted that one shelf pic on Instagram, I thought it was a corner of your fairly wondrous shop...this place is amazing! In Colorado?

747 said...

Yup, Longmont Colorado. Pretty neat.

stevegayton said...

I'd get lost there and end up a gibbering wreck unable to decide what to have and where to start first.