Thursday, August 6, 2015

Happy happy joy joy happy happy joy joy

I have always loved the XR650R. It is the only bike ever made that can smoothly land a 100 foot triple, finish a 1000 miles of Baja silt and turn around and do it again with out eating any valves or shitting out chunks of piston. It can be plated and pass cars on the freeway and does not require rebuilding to maintain reliability. It pulls like a roided draft horse on pcp. It revs like a Vin Diesel Civic on NOS. It handles the tallest of whoops like Dirty Harry's revolver handles grease balls. Anyhoo, I just scored this red plump peach and I plan on seeing what I can make the beast do on some dirt ovals. Enter project Rotax killer.

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Paul Delio said...

OOHHHHH FUCK YES!!!!!!!! To us Honda junkies, that is the Holy Grail for sure. What a bueat Clark!! cant wait to see what she looks likes, and more importantly rips like, when she gets some newbold love!!

Cheers on the new pup Pard!!!