Thursday, August 6, 2015

Gonna find me some dirt road back street

Yesterday on my ride to work the car in front of me swerved and kicked something up. It was bouncing around a bit as I swerved to avoid it and as I passed it I identified what exactly it was. Exactly. It was... a big black rubber dildo complete with big black bouncing balls. I am ready for six days of Kansas county fair 1/2 mile flattrack action. The bikes have new tires. Cowboy's Bonneville has a new mounted oil bag,new old shocks, unstuck clutch, new rear fender and mount, p pad, and solo seat. ...and some fresh hot pink grips. The van is loaded. Baja is ready to load up. The reefer is well hidden. Corn country, here we come.


Paul said...

Go Fast!!

benchdonkees said...

And keep it shiny side up!

Paul Delio said...

FUCK YEA Pard!!!! Have a blast, tell cowboy I said hello, Baja no fetch, and may your smiles be as big as your slides!!! Stoking the fire with all the Lee boys for some New Mexico flat tracking this October so will keep ya posted