Monday, June 8, 2015

Watch out for bears near the picnic ground

The first early test weekend up on the hill was great. Back to the good old Loneduck campground for some 3:30 AM rise and shine. Friday was the first day the road was open all the way to the top. 30 fucking foot snowbanks line the road in spots! So we only practiced half way up the "w's" Double you's? Double U-s? Big switch back ass hair pins that traverse the face of America's mountain! Any hoo, saturday practice went well. The Ronin was the fastest bike in every practice run. Faster than the HRC CBR1000 and all of it's 160 horses with 450cc record holder (was my damn record!) Jeff Tigert on board and faster than the super cool looking and mean sounding RSD Victory bike with their three van twenty man team. Go Pink to pruple! I told Johny, my right hand man and master Ronin wrench how it was responding at altitude and he removed the air box lid. It then at a certain rpm literally felt like it was ripping my chest out of my ribs. We put the cover back on and made a few small mods to it and it was all good. We didnt know how the road was going to be so we ran rain tires. By the time I started to wick it up Sunday morning the tires were spent and I was riding the thing like an XR750 in the marbles at Lima. Even when the thing is sliding like a tracker it is still very smooth and easy to maintain. I am already looking forward to early practice weekend number two. Hopefully the snow banks reside and the sun keeps shinning.


Paul Delio said...

FUCK YEA Travis!!!!!! Coree and I where racing at HPR support at 12hr in Red Beard Racing's first public outing. Little car ran great, battling for a podium, right up till 10hrs and a half when the rod said fuck it and blew the side of the engine out. I knew you guys where up there and fucking pumped to hear it was a success. I knew you'd be fast as fuck up there on that bike!! When is the next practice, may sneak down to the duck just to say hi. Either way, couldn't be happier for ya!!!!!
Doing some race support in Pueblo this weekend too, so will have some cash to get the flat tracker in your shop for some well needed lowering :0)
Cheers pard! We love ya!

747 said...

Thats mighty fine Paul!
I cant wait to share some beers at the duck!

cosmicowboy said...

You one fast sumbitch! Think this will be an awesome year! Hell I know it will Just be at Lone Duck will be great! I'm ready! Just got to get some rocket fuel! AKA White Lighting!

Paul said...

Whooohoo! Go fast Dood!