Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Urban bestiality

Mommy, look at my art. Yay!
You can get a good look at a butcher by sticking your head up his ass but id rather take the bulls word... wait, dammit!
Let it be known: If I check out on board this beast; I checked out happy.


benchdonkees said...

'Tis a monster Travis!!
I saw Baja talking to Guy Martin on the Pike's Peak programme, where were you? You get lost in the edit?!

747 said...

They must have not wanted my grizzly dirty beard to hurt rattings!

benchdonkees said...

I'm sure a bit of local colour would've improved them no end!!

footlooselizzy said...

your beard ? as opposed to Guys Chops?
did he score with that chick . sorry if you haven't seen the program he was attempting to woooo some lady into a game of "just the tip!"

on another note , hows the shock work now?
oily rob

Hairy Larry said...

I see the chain tensioner is a happening thing...looks good. As much as I'd like to participate this year in the desert fun...it's looking like logistics are not there...maybe next year. You and Geoff have a blast out there.