Monday, November 10, 2014


That moment when you decide to hit the brakes or pin it. That split second decision that when you look back seemed to be a long period of time. Abort or hold the fuck on. The oh shit moment is such a brief instant that holds serious outcomes. I pinned it. I was at the bottom of the gravity cavity of a dude booter launch ramp. Racing expert level motocross on an XR650. Holding 3rd place feeding it the beans when the foot peg snapped off driving my foot into the gravity cavity like a fence post with no hole. After my brief decision to hold the throttle on and launch I was faced with another split moment decision as the one foot pegged monster went sideways whipped. Let go, ride it out, or release my bowls and load my shorts with shit. I opted to continue the jump trajectory and after slide landing her sideways, bouncing a near high-side back to a normal two wheeled roll feeling very fortunate to still have on clean undies.
This was just some friday night motocross I had not planned on racing. I loaded up with Sir Mick east bound a down loaded up with our 650s for two days of 3 hour iron man grand prix scrambling at the Hallett speedway, a beautiful road race facility with ten miles of tight twisting offroad velcro magic dirt. My ankle was sore, my peg bolts broke off in the frame and all I could do was enjoy my wonderful pit company for the remainder of the weekend. It is sure good to have such quality friends to share it all with. Racing is not always great times on the track but sometimes great times off and around the track.
XR650R is still my all time favorite bike in the universe ever!


cosmicowboy said...

Damn that brisket was good! What happened to it? Is there any left! hell no! And my goody box! Helmet, Vintage and new style Triumph knee pads! And other shit you need when your out and about! What a great weekend got me out of a major slump! But Newbold always does! And I say yes on the hill climb deal! Get er done!

747 said...

Party on Garth!