Monday, November 11, 2013

Shit in da shop

 It is that time of year.  Racing circuits have wrapped up, at least for me. Although I have been talking with a friend about ice racing his built to the hilt honda. But that is every month in January and I am going to be a bit occupied getting hitched to the woman of my dreams in the middle of said month.  A race wedding weekend perhaps?  I better pick my battles wisely. Which brings me back to my point. This is a time of year to plan next year's conquests. What races to plan. What bikes to build. What motors to rebuild. Progressive modifications.   Shop time. ruminating. Dreaming and scheming.
 Pikes Peak entry is open. My wallet now funds more than just racing so I better find some way to turn an over abundance of bikes into cash and in turn into entry fee. (one fair priced used motorcycle)  and preferably a early practice weekend on the big hill (one more fair priced used sickle). And what of building a new race bike? Stepping out of the 450 class is intriguing. A twin cylinder big displacement or vintage in line four super bike sounds like a lot of fun... 
 What I should do is take care of the race bikes I all ready have. Why reinvent the wheel when shit is all ready rolling. I think it is all to easy to be a consuming ugly american and forget  how good what we all ready have is. I am thankful as fuck. nuff preaching. I think I have been able to accomplish what I have racing because I like to make the most of what is available to me. And I have more than enough to keep me occupied. I keep thinking about getting the ol drag bike kawasuki  back to Bonneville. I do have more potential entry fees for sale...
 Did some prep work on this Baja 1000 race bike and it brought me back to preparing my own bikes and planning the logistics of what is one of the most crazy, fun, and demanding adventures there is for a speed freak motor head. I still find cacti pricks oozing out my fore arms once in a while. Fuck. Good luck to the 111x boys. It will be needed.

Start penning in your 2014 calender plans, keep the shop occupied, and the gears turning. It is how dreams become realities.