Friday, September 6, 2013

Things I like about this picture:

1.My Cookie in a skirt on a bike with a stuffed tomato in the basket. And an open can of PBR.
2.The day ended in me getting covered with road radish rash (story of my life).
3.My cousin looking like a psycho killer on my green dragon grass hopper bike. 
4. Right after I took this picture (after I put my phone in my pocket) a police officer on a huge Kawasaki concourse decided to do some stunting. He did random full lean clover leafs in the middle of a crowded bicycle parade. He had the beast turning as sharp as possible. So fast and cranked hard enough I knew what the maniac was about to do. While weaving through people completely out of his field of sight.  He nearly clipped a toddler, stood up the tanker with a sloppy hand full of brake and flopped her over nearly on top of us!!!  I was speechless. Perhaps partly due to my open can of beer. It was classic. He gruffed "I hate it when that happens". Nobody helped him pick up his bike. Take my word, it was awe-some.

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