Monday, September 16, 2013

Hays cans-ass

 As soon as i managed to get out of Denver with our 100 year flooding and road closures the rest of the trip was easy as pie. 6 hr drive out to the middle of Kansas to meet Cowboy (The best illegitimate legitimate sponsor I could ever  be so lucky to have), race the final round of the Kansas fair series and bring home one of Cowboy's prized vintage campers for me and my Cookie to enjoy.
The track was at a beautiful new complex. It looked superbly bitching. But they fucked it up in preparing it making for some very rough rutted tank slapper, feet off the pegs superman style, chuck the dice and hold the fuck on racing.
Turns out I am not as fast as #12 Brad Baker. Big surprise. I did not make the main on my bottle rocket of a 450. In the B-main I managed to beat a few people and on my good old trusty twin I took 3rd in a money class and 2nd in an am class. What was a surprise was seeing how terrifyingly fast Baker was in practice and the heats. full throttle, bouncing off the rev limiter fully backed out and leaned over all the way into the corner only letting off the throttle after his corner entry. Chunks of the track were flying. And of course the arrogant little twat was hamming his "12o'clock4life" wheelies all to much. But then the main event come; Brad out front, wait, who is hounding him. It's local here and pikes peak legend Davey Durell, He cleanly passes brad using different creative lines and holds Brad off for nearly the entire race. Brad finally gets around the 50 year old veteran clearly trying as hard as the young current GNC points leader can try. It was one of the most impressive races I have ever seen. Since the first time I met Davey, shredding Pikes Peak and tapping my elbow with his finger tips as he flew by me, he never ceases to flat out amaze me. What a hero  he is. And a modest, friendly, humble family man at that.
Thanks to Tommy's Triumph Shop, aka; Cowboy for the help in the pits, the good times, and the camper. No extra duct tape was needed to get the old potato shaped capsule of cosmic coolness home.


Garrett302 said...

You did yourself and us CO folks proud!

That Durelle/Baker battle was amazing and unforgettable! Mind-blowingly fast, those guys!

Paul Baleta said...

Awesome Dood! Great results and cool words :-)