Monday, June 10, 2013

The last 9 days

I love my Cookie!

So you want to go see the Isle of Man TT? all you need are friends like these. nearly 4 hour trip from Wales to the IOM and worth every bloody fucking second.

Fast! Sofa King Fast!

Pete Wilky so generously let me race his fast as fuck and oh so much fun to ride TR6 in the DTRA event. 

Scooter Farm Dave recruited me to race his proper death trap (complete with fire damaged paint on the leaky fuel tank) in the Dirtquake 2 event. Do I even need to try and tell you how fun it was?!

1 comment:

andyrotax said...

Great to meet you at Dirtquake, enjoyed watching you ride the ass off that Triumph, didn't realise it was you getting the GS chop sideways tho, good job!
Cheers, andy