Monday, June 17, 2013

Greg Tracy's under 10:00 race run at Pikes Peak!

This is the first time a really fast guy has put a video of their run out. Greg will be in a cager this year. Talking to him at the top after this run last year Greg told me he was done. He was clearly distraught about the risk and danger he had just partaken. With all pavement for the first time last year run times were over a minute faster.  (I was 11:06.) The exhibition class is now allowing full on sport bikes. Last year my little 450 was faster than the Yamaha R1 and Triumph speed triple and the other sport bike that entered exhibition class. Be interesting to see what happens this year. Next week. I want to race a faster bike than my 450 in the future. Seeing Greg's speedo in this video makes me drool.

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Paul Baleta said...

That's frikkin' awesome! Dooooooocati! Have a good run up the mountain Dood!