Saturday, March 2, 2013

The tale of orphan Annie and the hill

This is a story about what i did with my winter time last year and how I won enough purse money to open up my own shop.
Started off with a donated '05 CRF450X jumble. What was left of a bike that had a hard life. Sidestand wore all the way through the swing arm. I exhumed it from the grave and began to perform the necrophilia.

donated CR250 yokes. my ol flattrack suspension. The mag wheels where going to require to much fabricating so I found a sponsor in Warp9 and laced up to some old hubs.

20$ NOS yosh system,  250$ blown up '08 engine (i spent many hours inside this engine) moved the motor mounts for the newer engine keeping crank shaft, counter shaft and rear axle on a dead level plane. No tig welding, oxy/acct torch on the aluminum, try it sometime.

where the magic happens.

ironing for speed.
In early testing I doubled the cost of the project by squeaking two top ends. With extra power comes extra heat. retard me learned to retard ignition.

Luckily I brought ol Molly along for testing and she was happy to put on Annie's shoes for a practice day. With stock motor Molly ran with in three seconds of the fastest time on the bottom section used for qualifying.

The junk yard beauty put my tuning skills to the test. She ran perfect all race week. The race was a good one with moments of ragged edge fear and precise throttle cable stretching. The win was sweet and even more so doing it with Annie. 450 champ and 6th overall motorcycle (with 750 and 1205cc)
Only 121 days until the 91st running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb!


Paul Baleta said...

You're a magician! Really. Absolutely fan-fuckin-tastic! One of these days I must join you at the hill climb :-)

wilksville said...

Cast Iron guides !! how quaint !!!!
those intake ports are way too big....velocity beats volume every time... ;-}