Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Texas RMEC round 2

The weather here in Denver was shit but like a good hostage; "IT PUTS THE BIKE IN THE VAN OR IT GETS THE HOSE AGAIN!" I obeyed the moto gods, loaded up my 5mm deep well socket with some of Colorado's finest and headed south.
The Texas red dirt was moist and the Honda and I were on a blistering pace. Then I smelt pancakes. This is usually bad during an enduro as it means one of two things; I am way off course and am near a Waffle House (not such a bad thing) or I am losing coolant. I check right boot, it is dry. I check left boot, it is soaked. I finished the test in a ball of pancake (waffles if you prefer) steam. Apparently while trying to pass a slower rider I made some contact and tried to peel off my radiator. The elbow pipe was no longer attached to the radiator so I used some quick aluminum to make a quick fix before the start of the next test. Finished test. Filled radiator back up. Transit to next and final special test. Fill Radiator back up and finished 5th overall out of 20 some AA riders and overalled the A class by almost 5 minutes. Hooray for air cooled Hondas!

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