Wednesday, May 9, 2012

seven handle bars

My new office. life is good.

Our pit started off so nice and civilized
After my second ( ill have you know) bout with road rash in the same parking lot. I know i have a problem.          O ! and if you decide to hit milk crates on a CT 70 make extra certain that they dont hold 70lb sack of sackrete. yep.

um... is that your finger?

purdy much says it. van life. 7 sets of bars.


Team WOR member Spike. Shredding the pro ranks!

Im serious! Even tried to talk to her. was cold. but it was before i had my  war wounds...

I have no idea how I took all these pictures being the bender I was on. I dont even remember how  I ended up on the floor with my lens for the main! 

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Paul Baleta said...

Yeah - chicks dig war wounds... for sure!