Tuesday, May 1, 2012

the ol switch-a-roo

how to build a vintage race bike:

find a super dooper bored, stroked, ported and testicle having motor

put the power plant in the vintage, bam! race ready!
With two days until Sir Mick and I venture to vegas. It was time to sit down tonight and build another race bike. God damn fucking AMA Mini Moto Sx, the most stupid serious race I have ever been to and also the only race I have ever been to and swore to never go again four times. WTF. I signed up in the vintage class ( like that makes it any less serious). So i put the motor from my little hospital visit machine up in my ol 79. bought that piece of quality iron from my third grade teacher for twenty bucks. learned how to clean a carb and i will be a fucking monkey's uncle if that bike has not changed my life for the most better of betterness. Anywho here is a super high tech time lapse of the previous hours in the 747 speed shop.

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