Sunday, January 15, 2012

LIving in a van down by the casino!

night light

FTW Co. riders where shredding like wheat cereal.
Twitch and Andy are top level.

Fucking hurts donut ribs.

This year Vegas was a shit ton of fun. So many cool people at this race. from the Reno Wrecking Crew to the FTW crew or chit chatting with Gene at the bar at 3 am.  The concete didnt give me as much hell as last year and the little champ yamaha was a real fun little fucker. ...untill my carb cap came unscrewed and the the two smoker went WFO!
Fun ass weekend! cant wait for another!


Anthony Brown said...

nice T brother

747 said...

word! It makes for some nice belly botton lint. Thanks bro.