Saturday, January 28, 2012

custom #1 -50 Nutz

almost ten years ago i bought this stock xr50 and built my first custom. I had cut and raked a kx80 frame neck before, jumbled countless bicycles together as a kid, and tricked out my race bikes but this little squirt was my first- save yer money, order parts, make it all fit together and run like hell from the cops bike build. all said and done.. done is never done. stock parts remaining are the rear hub, gas tank and some tranny/cases. the 107cc stroker has raced vegas mini moto several times. pit tootsies it has impressed have been many. I back flipped it a few years ago. it is the only of my bikes to put me under the knife. de-raked and welded the frame twice. it is still winning races.... and crippling me.


anieb said...

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747 said...

fuck off

Nate Gurney said...

Sweet ass custom!! Need to get me a pair of 50s.