Sunday, October 9, 2011


The before pic. (I had just gone through molly with a q-tip, inside and out)

The after pic. (rear brake rotor was more bent than Walter in The Big Lebowski)

I picked a fun race to come back after flat trackin all summer.

You know Pastrana was involved when their was an optional back flip ramp on course. ( i didnt see anyone hit it)

This dude look TIRED. ha ha, get it? ha ha. ha ha.... ha ha ha.

The supermoto part of the course was the most fun.

Utah is wierd....

Like i just said.... weird.

Baja had competition.

I think she is the winner.  ...fuckin honey badger dont give a fuck.

The only way to race a UTV with out rolling it like a soccor ball.

Sweet vintage iron. these dudes had more fun than anyone. they didn't do the rock pile but they hit the ramp... no they didnt.

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