Tuesday, October 4, 2011


5th Gear
Much fear

Front wheel tuck
 What the fuck

Waiting to die
 Through the air you fly

When the dust does clear
 You drink a beer.


Paul Baleta said...


cosmicowboy said...

Don't crash Fuck! But nice words! Like em!

cosmicowboy said...

PBR would be good then! I'll have one 4 ya!

cosmicowboy said...

M-VG Prairie Drifters H/D 08/10 43.253...too 152mph we can do better! this is for 125cc

cosmicowboy said...

Or the 79 750 Bonniville! will cost you one red head! Bitch!

Ryan Stewart said...

"When you think you're going to crash.......don't"