Thursday, September 29, 2011

the jerky shed

Baja says "Hey Mick, stop wanking off and lets go racing"
When lord Mick moved in with me at the begining of the summer i knew we had too many dirt bike junkies for one garage so we scored him a shed from Goat another dirt bike junkie. Goat even used his dads back hoe and a flat bed to move it over to my back yard. we tucked it in behind my shop and the RC track. the only weird part is the door had a lock on it on the inside. maybe thats not weird, sometimes we all need a little alone time with our bikes. any hoo we named the shed the jerky shed. the end. good story huh?

1 comment:

Paul Baleta said...

And I thought it was a shed for dryin' out jerky...