Thursday, September 29, 2011

its raining cool bikes.

got this today in pay for doing some fork seals. purdy fair deal i reckon. problem is i got no where to put all these fuckin bikes. some one oughta put me on that hoarders show and try and take my bikes away and i will start crying and cursing at the camera. er maybe not maybe i should just start my own shop and live happily ever after. This little old cream puff Suzuki has nice paint and metal fenders and even a little matching bike pump to fill up them fat knobblies. runs good. think m in love. any one know what it is? I have heard it called a " fat cat" and a "toat goat" 


Anonymous said...

Yo Dude,

In Australia they are known as a Suzuki RV90 or RV125, I think they are the old school "van van" but I'm no expert!


Paul Baleta said...

Good philosophy... keep it cheap... keep it simples...