Thursday, May 26, 2011

808 memorial time

It is always thought of what we would say to some one for last words. sometimes we go see someone on the day they die. sometimes young death intrudes with such un expected suddenness it is un fathomable. The last time i saw Levi was at a race. his new ktm was ready for a season of trophy hunting and he was as full of it as always. the first of my friends to own a hot rod (barracuda). the first to own a crotch rocket (cbr600). the first to move out of his parents and into his own place (party central). He went to school and became an awesome fearless pilot with a job i could only envy.
Three years ago his borrowed twin engine plane went in hard crossing the rocky mountains. His dad was a reluctant passenger and the wreckage was completely devastating. Little Alpe was the one to find it on his snowmobile. we were all a tight bunch of bros. still are. every memorial day weekend it is on for some serious fun in the name of #808 RIP Levi Klaprich. party on!

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Clint Toris said...

RIP to one bad Mofo. Cheers ya piss drunk cock