Monday, July 3, 2017

Pikes Peak 2017

It is over. I have been home one week and acclimated back to normal society the best I can. It was one hell of a ride. Really, what can I say? It was the most mentally tough thing I have ever done. Not so much the race but keeping it together mentally. The first time I saw the bike in Spain and how far behind schedule it was at becoming a safe bike to ride on the mountain I thought long and hard about calling it off. I thought long and hard about calling it off all race week but I reckon deep inside I knew I would give it my best despite knowing there was a good chance the bike would run out of gas before finishing. For this race, giving it my best was not pushing to the limits of the bike but pushing hard enough to make a decent finish but most importantly not pushing so hard that if something went wrong on the bike (like it did) that I would have enough room between me and the edge. Despite countless setbacks and many mental hurtles we ended the race week all wearing a smile. With a class win and 4th overall motorcycle behind the factory supported boys and tried, tested and true bikes I am very happy with how it turned out, be it just by the skin of our teeth. Read all about it in the new Sideburn out very soon.
A big thanks to all that have helped support me in so many different ways. As always racing is teaching me and the learning is what I crave. And the dirty hot nasty speed.

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