Thursday, March 9, 2017

Keeping my head above the water

I took a little trip down memory lane on this blog looking for an old picture. I found it. I also found that I have changed a lot over the last ... fuck! - A lot of years have gone by. Of course I changed and damned if I have not shown signs of growing up. Damn. I don't want to grow up and get square but I am starting to find myself carrying out the most mundane of lame tasks from time to time. If i don't fertilize the lawn who will and that damn rabbit needs to get the hell out of my lawn. I have been filling holes, patching fences, and even spending good money on decoy owls and fake wind chime eye balls and shit. What the hell is getting into me. Ten years ago I would be drinking beer with that bunny. maybe even sharing some mushrooms with it and learning about the universe. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining one bit about my role in this system; I think I am living the dream. most of the time anyhow. I am one lucky bastard to hitch up with my best friend who happens to knock my dirty socks clean off. I have not had a boss for five years now and I think I would rather die than go back into that kind of incarseration. What I am getting at here is something deep inside. Some kind of struggle to fight the power that is mini vans, nightly news show watchers, and conformist shit eating sheep telling me how to live my life. Thank fuck for my motorcycles and my tools that allow me to enjoy them. When ever I feel beat down by the pigs that are all around, salvation is never far. I get in the fucking van. Or I build the engine. turn a few wrenches and make a few bucks. Buy some tires or a plane ticket or what ever it is that us free people can buy with this stupid form of currency that harnesses us like a mule. I look at how many great things have come about in my life because of motorcycles and I just want to rub it in the face of all the preaching teachers who told me to accept metiocraty as not only acceptable but honorable. I know from here I can only get older and slower but I will put my own head in a vise and crank it until my skull goes pop if I don't continue to follow my childhood dreams and learn something new everyday that can help me achieve moto-nirvana. Peace.  


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