Monday, May 2, 2016

Life goes fast… Have a blast

Days pass so fast
   Youth and talent never last
Just a kid bombing hills
   Eventually growing gills
His mongoose evolves
   Mechanical speed equations he solves
Becoming internal combustion led sled
   Orbiting into cosmic death bed

A rainbow oil drip
   The puddle reflection eclipse

Gone tomorrow, yet here today

I race my ghost
   To roost the most
I want to play
   Every god damned day
For berms that bounce
   And tyres that grip
A crank shaved ten ounce
   A clutch disc transferring perfect slip

I offer up this toast
   To make the most
Live large and never lift
   Winning is hard, but live the gift.

1 comment:

Adam Bauer said...

Here Here you Crazy Bastard!!! Cheers with PBR's!