Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Finding gold in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Gold Rush Grand Prix. One fun packed three days of racing. It was beautiful. Much better than last year when on the first night I broke the foot peg off my XR650 on the moto track. This year I brought out my Pikes Peak special CRF450R/X and put a spanking on the expert supermoto. Latter I got the holeshot in the motocross main and dropped back to 4th. Saturday I battled well for how much beer I drink and got 4th in the two hour cross country. Sunday was the grand finale 3 hr team race and me and my pal Lord Mick flat out dominated. I like DIRTBIKES!!!


Hairy Larry said...

Congratulations on the wins! Looking forward to seeing you Colorado folks in the desert soon...gonna see if I can muster up a trip for the Hooligan race and the rest...(wish the two weekends were in different months!)

747 said...

Yup, has me missing a butt load of work. but work is less important than fun anyhoo.