Wednesday, July 15, 2015

High plains drifter

Last weekend was my third time having a crack at "course style" road racing or "street bike racing" as I like to call it. I am starting to get the little SV dialed in and even have it almost hanging in draft on the straights with some of the high horsepower super built SV race bikes. Saturday we did a parade lap around High Plains Raceway in honer of Hot Carl. The track was full. His race bikes were rolled out to the start finish line at sunset for some pictures. I was offered to race his triumph next round and I think I will. It was weird being at High Plains and not having Carl there. He was who got me into racing this stuff. What I learned on the hill on the Ronin seemed to help as I got three podiums and had some epic battles with Adam on his super twin. I swapped paint with a few others and made some friends, gained some respect, and had a shit ton of fun. Looking forward to more.

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Paul said...

Well done Dood!