Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bikes I miss...

Problem is one honky can only fit so many machines in a space. Give me an airplane hanger and I bet I could fill it up with in 6 months. That explains why I let the Gold Wing go. Fuck, that bike was a blast. Case of beer in each saddle bag with a 30 pack in the trunk, Credence on the tape deck, a burrito in one hand, cup of coffee in the other with the cruise control set and the arm rests. And that thing did BIG wheelies. The xr50 was the first bike I modded out. learned how to do a back flip on the little shit. So many fun times but all my knee surgeries and every motorcycle ER visits were a result of the little monster. The Champion framer, GT500, and my XS hardtail were sold to start my shop and keep it open it's first year. It is said that they come and go but nothing ever compares to that first kiss. More than any I regret most loosing my 1983 Husqvarna 250. That thing made me a man. 6 gears. Twin shocks with 3 feet of travel, and a spark plug that hid beneath an expansion chamber that changed sides of the bike at least 4 times. If I still had that machine I think I could conquer the galaxy. Or at least the modern vintage MX class.

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